Welcome to the home of our Hot Tubs were the ultimate relaxation and escapism begins. With our excellent selection of home spas you will see quality is as standard with Wet & Wild. Our hot tubs are capable of reaching the relaxing temperature of 40 degrees Celsius so relax and unwind in one of our super air jet hot tubs that can massage you into a paradise of your dreams.


Palm Springs Hot Tub 

The palm springs hot tub is true to its name, offering a tranquil and relaxing experience. With its impressive all surrounding massage air jet system and luxurious temperatures you can drift away in a cloud of bubbles. The Palm Springs Hot Tub seating 4 to 6 people is perfect for a relaxing couple of days or add a little extra to your bbq's  and small gatherings.

Palm Spring Standard Package

Palm Springs hot tub

2 Nights hire



Palm Springs Standard Package +

Palm Springs tub

2 nights hire

Events shelter with roof 

Fairy lights and spot light. 


Monaco Hot Tub 

The Monaco offers a more spacious Hot Tub experience and with its all surrounding air jets and its blissful 40 degrees Celsius temperature you are sure to have a relaxing and pleasurable time. The Monaco can fit 6 to 8 people so it's great for a relaxing time with friends or a nice addition to an evening with the family.   

Monaco standard package

Monaco hot tub

2 Nights hire


Monaco standard Package + 
Monaco Hot Tub 
2 Nights Hire
Events shelter with roof 
Fairy lights and spot light

Things you need to know

All event shelter bookings are subject to wind speed to which a discount will be applied if we are unable to supply.

Hot tubs take up to 24 hrs to get to the max temperature- Slightly longer in the winter months.

Due to heating time the Hot Tub will be delivered the day before use. 

Example if the hot tub was hired on weekend we would drop off on a Thursday and pick up on Sunday.

To keep the hot tub clean for the duration of hire, we advise that you clean the filter once daily, however if there is heavy use. Eg. kids party we would say 2/3 times a day. Also we advise that the chemical tablets are kept in the tub while not in use.

You must be 18+ to hire the tubs and are responsible for any third party using the tub and for breakages and damages .

Consider  the  temperature  of  the  tub  if  children  are  using  the  tub (We advise below 36 degrees).  It  is  not  advised  that  babies  use  the  tubs. 

Please consult your doctor before you use the tub if you have any medical conditions or you are pregnant  

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